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 "flezaDoza is easily one of the best engineers I've worked with during the past 15 years in NYC. He gives time and attention to the details of every song and is extremely patient with the artist's expectations. In addition, he is an accomplished musician / arranger and is generous with sharing his skills at no additional cost. I highly recommend his talents to any songwriter lucky enough to cross his path." - Kevin Mcwha Steele

"flezaDoza truly took my work to a level far beyond what i ever could reasonably have hoped for! he combines two invaluable qualities: incredible attention to the finest detail of every aspect of creating and producing music, and a fine-tuned sense for the overall spirit and feeling that the music is trying to create. he has amazing musical instincts and taste. His personal studio has everything needed for professional quality work, and the quality of the work exceeds what is routinely offered in pricey studios. as an accomplished musician himself, he adds a lot of value in the studio and helped draw out the very best playing from me. he treats your music with the same care and reverence you have for it, supporting your project with honest dedication. I was beyond thrilled with the final product, and will always be grateful to flezaDoza for his collaboration, commitment, support, and incredible contributions to a piece of work that i am very proud of. THANK YOU FRANK!" - Josh Tosteson

"Frank is a fantastic sound engineer, producer and most importantly, musician. He has an ear like no other and turned my decade-old songs into contemporary, radio-quality tracks. He works countless hours for an extremely fair price, and puts quality first above all else." - Amy Cross

"Recording with flezaDoza was a fantastic experience. He was great at taking my input on production style, provided great backup vocals and instrumentation, and pushed me to play and sing my best. The tracks came out sounding fantastic. I can't wait to work with him again!" - Nick Barber


"Although Loose Lid did receive some help on this album from flezaDoza of Brooklyn Native Studios who recorded, mixed and mastered Hers. And in this day and age, for this type of pop inspired electronica, which can be recorded by just about anyone with a decent laptop, Loose Lid should consider that move money well spent." - Jaime Robash, Divide And Conquer Music

"Frank is one of the most generous and hands-on producers I've ever collaborated with. He's not a guy pushing buttons, he's your band member...and he's willing to try anything." - Loose Lid


"If you haven't contacted Frank yet, you, my fellow musician, are crazy. He is the solution to your production needs... he is affordable, talented, and will give your songs the tlc they need."
 - Alexander Nixon