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Welcome to
Brooklyn Native Studio

I love the process of creating music and seeing the enthusiasm you have in making it come to life.

I’m passionate about recording, and as an artist myself, I identify with what your art means to you.

I give your music the same meticulous attention that I give my own.

I'm Frank Miceli, aka flezaDoza, a Brooklyn native with over 25 years of experience as a musician, performer, songwriter, producer and recording engineer. I operate a small and private professional recording studio suited for the Singer/Songwriter looking for a superior recording on a limited budget.

I provide audio tracking, engineering, musical arrangement and production services at affordable, artist-friendly rates.


Come in with only melody and lyrics, and with high-end, industry standard equipment (Neumann, Neve), I'll flesh out, produce and mix your songs into professional sounding recordings that you will be proud of.

I play acoustic and electric guitar, bass and keys. I'm also a vocalist and arranger. I create realistic drum tracks and orchestral arrangements using high quality software, or as an option, we can have a drummer come in and play the Roland V-Drums. You can also bring prerecorded drum tracks from another studio with a live room, and complete the project here at the special deal.

Combo amps can be miked if desired. There's a soundproofed booth large enough to accommodate two singers, a performer with an acoustic instrument or a pair of congas.

Listen to the samples at the Artists page, and you'll hear what I mean. These clients are extremely satisfied with their product, and I assure you will be too.

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